HP Scanjet 3670 Update pemacu muatturun percuma (ver. 1.­1)

Di laman ini, anda sentiasa boleh muatturun percuma HP Scanjet 3670 Update pemacu untuk Mesin-mesin Fax.

Update (ver. 1.­1) INSTALLSHIELD diterbitkan 2004.10.14.

Fail dimuatturun 9 kali dan telah dilihat 5170 kali.

Kategori Mesin-mesin Fax
Jenama HP
Peranti Scanjet 3670
Sistem pengoperasian Windows 2000, Windows XP
Versi 1.­1
Saiz fail 112 Kb
Diterbitkan 2004.10.14
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Update driver for HP Scanjet 3670 This update will add Word 2003 and PowerPoint 2003 as selections in the "send to" list in HP's Photo and Imaging Scanning Software.­ This is an updated version of the patch that fixes an issue that causes an invalid "administrative rights" error on some systems during install.­ Unless you have Microsoft Office 2003,­ you do not need to install this update.­ Compatible devices: Q3851A

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